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Hardness (Mohs): 4.5 - 5
Color: Emerald Green Veins in White Quartz Matrix
Transparency: Opaque to Translucent
Notable Occurrences: Found throughout the World

Also referred to as "Emerald Quartz", Mariposite is of the muscovite family (a mica). As the term Mariposite is used here, it is a mix of the green mica veining within a white quartz host. The green color is derived from the presence of chromium in the muscovite. Not commonly used in jewelry, it is more commonly used as a marble for decorative construction material.

Folklore/Metaphysical Properties: Promotes calm and reduces stress; stimulates creative self-expression; reduces fear.

Mariposite Jewelry for Sale

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Mariposite Cabochons for Sale

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Gem 0242 - Mariposite
19.5 x 14.5mm
10.45 cts.


Gem 0557 - Mariposite
25 x 18mm
11.50 cts.

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