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Cherry Opal

Hardness (Mohs): 5.5 - 6
Color: Cherry Red
Transparency: Translucent to Semitranslucent
Notable Occurrences: Mexico

Cherry Opal is so-called because of it's rich cherry red color. It generally shows no play of color but radiates that rich cherry color. Found primarily in Mexico born of volcanic activity, Cherry Opal, as will all opal, is composed of spheres of silica surrounded by water and is therefore sensitive to extremes of heat and cold. It is helpful to keep stored in a cool (but not freezing) place, wrapped in a soft cloth (moistening the cloth can also help the preservation). It is most commonly found faceted rather than cut into cabochons.

Folklore/Metaphysical Properties: It is said to aid in disorders related to the blood; also helpful in countering depression and lethargy; stimulates creativity and intuition.

Cherry Opal Jewelry for Sale

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Cherry Opal and Sapphire Pendant Cherry Opal Ring

Cherry Opal Cabochons for Sale

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Gem 0328 - Cherry Opal
Cherry Opal
8 x 5.5mm
0.75 cts.


Gem 0329 - Cherry Opal
Cherry Opal
9 x 6.5mm
0.75 cts.


Gem 0330 - Cherry Opal
Cherry Opal
9 x 6.5mm
1.10 cts.


Gem 0099 - Cherry Opal
Cherry Opal
27 x 17mm
14.60 cts.

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